"Event Operations Order" for VEMRA members




Sunday, NOV. 11, 2018



Fort Rodd Hill NHS, in the Lower casemates barracks.



This year the Royal Canadian legion has asked the fort to host “The Bells of Peace Event” which is a nationwide event that will take place at sunset all across Canada staring at Signal Hill and ending at Fort Rodd Hill. The event will consist of a 100 gun salute and ringing of a bell 100 times. VEMRA has been asked to support the event in the same mode as last year, with a series of displays and period dress of your chosen persona.



VEMRA will support Remembrance Day with a series of your chosen displays and period dress of your chosen era.



General Outline: We will set up in Lower Casemates Barracks and follow a format similar to last year. We can use the veranda areas for display set up and remember that weather is always a factor so be sure to dress warm. The only real difference from last year will be the timings, as we have been asked to stay longer on site, but our role in the overall ceremony will be that of VEMRA’s mandate.



Timings: Set up: 10:00 – 11:45

                 Event: 12:00 – 18:00

                 Rations: 12:00 – throughout the day

                 Wpns Inspection: As laid on by Park Staff

                 Vehicles: No Vehicles on site after 10:00

                 Event Returns: No later than 9 Nov. 2018



Dress: As per your chosen persona

Weapons/equipment: Safety and security of all weapons and equipment are the responsibility of the individual owners

Rations: There will be hot soup and sandwiches laid on throughout the event in the canteen, so you can take a break and warm up as required

Medical: First aid kit on site in our area

Transport: will be laid on during the setup time to move stores and equipment as required



Don Thomas, engineerjumper@shaw.ca    (250) 642-2977