Principles and Membership Policy


1) Statement of Purpose

  • VEMRA is a non-profit volunteer association established for the purpose of promoting awareness and understanding of Canada's military history and that of our Allies for the period of 1775 - 1960 through the practice of living history/ re-enactment.

2) Objectives of living history/re-enactment

  • VEMRA believes that the practice of living history/re-enactment has at least two objectives:
  1. To inform and educate participants and visitors to VEMRA co-ordinated events about Canada's military history and that of our Allies by creating an atmosphere in which constructive mutual dialogue is encouraged.
  2. To enable each participant to share on a personal level the experience of their chosen time period, and to participate in an enjoyable activity.
  • VEMRA believes the reasons for being involved in living history/re-enactment are highly personal and that no reason is more important than any other reason, and that no individual style of living history/re-enactment is more valid than any other style.

3) Non-political affiliation

  • VEMRA is non-political and does not condone or endorse political views, nor allow political behaviour in the Association.
  • VEMRA is not affiliated with any political party or organization.
  • VEMRA is an organization whose members voluntarily participate for the purpose of educating themselves and the public about the history, culture and people who lived during their chosen time period.

4) Conduct

  1. As a core value, VEMRA will strive to maintain a safe and secure environment for the participants, visitors and staff of historical sites.  To that end, VEMRA shall be a leader in the acceptance of all persons who can legally and appropriately portray historical roles within their chosen time period.
  2. VEMRA recognizes its obligation to honour the memory of those persons who have served their country and shall strive to bring no discredit to them.
  • Members
  1. Members shall seek to enhance their own understanding of their chosen time period and to impart it with a high degree of historical integrity to observers
  2. Members shall conduct themselves in a manner which brings no discredit upon VEMRA
  3. Members shall respect both the reasons for participating, and the style of participation of other members and event participants.


1) Application

  • Application for membership in VEMRA is by invitation
  • Upon invitation of a member, any person may apply to the Board of Directors for membership
  • Applicants may be subject to an interview by the Directors or their appointees.
  • Applicants must have their application approved by the Directors or their appointees.
  • The Directors reserve the right to approve or deny any application of membership; the Directors have no obligation to state the reason(s) for denying any application.
  • Members have voting rights and may run for office.

2) Requirements of membership

  • No person may participate in a VEMRA co-ordinated event without having applied for and received membership and paid dues.
  • All members must uphold VEMRA's Constitution, comply with its Bylaws, Principles and Membership Policy as laid down in Part 5 of Schedule B of the BC Society Act.
  • All members who wish to handle or display active or de-activated firearms must abide by the rules and regulations of the particular event as well as the laws of the jurisdiction in which the event is being held.

3) Dues

  • Membership dues shall be such rate or rates prescribed by the Directors payable annually in Canadian funds.
  • Payment may be made by cash, check, or money order.
  • Dues payable to VEMRA shall be $20 for individuals and $30 for a family (family being defined as: immediate family; that being two parents and their minor dependent(s), or a single parent and their minor dependent(s).)

4) Termination of Membership

  • Membership in VEMRA is terminated by the Directors for, but is not limited to, the following reasons:
  1. Failure to pay dues
  2. On written or oral request by the member.  Termination shall take effect upon the date of delivery of the request
  3. Willfully disobeying VEMRA bylaws, policies, procedures or safety regulations.

5) Adherence to regulations

  • The integrity of VEMRA co-ordinated events depends in large part upon the deportment of the event's participants and their good faith efforts to adhere to VEMRA's principles and policies.  Unco-operative or argumentative behaviour or actions that detract from the safety and authenticity of the event shall be brought to the attention of the Board or their appointees for action.  The action to be taken will depend on the circumstances, but the purpose of any disciplinary action is to uphold VEMRA's mission and principles and to ensure that these goals are pursued in a safe and respectful manner.


1) Enemy Forces

  • Enemy forces are defined as those belligerent forces who engaged Canada and her allies in open warfare between 1775 - 1960
  • The forces of France and First Nations who fought on North American soil or the High Seas in the formation of Canada are not considered enemy forces by VEMRA, but as Canadian Forces.
  • Enemy forces are permitted on a case by case basis by the executive or their representatives.
  • VEMRA is subject to the rules governing the portrayal of enemy forces while on a host's site.
  • The portrayal of secret police, Gestapo, Waffen SS or the like units of any nation is not sanction by VEMRA.
  • Those portraying enemy forces must adhere to VEMRA's Principles and Membership Policy, in particular Mission Statement paragraph 3 "Non-political affiliation".


1) Events Co-ordinator

  • The Events Co-ordinator will be an elected member of the VEMRA Board of Directors.
  • The duties of the Events Co-ordinator generally shall include but are not limited to:
  1. Act as liaison between event/site host and VEMRA
  2. Act as Event Leader as required
  3. Appoint and advise the Event Leader
  4. Set up and advise any Event Standing Committee as required by the Board of Directors.
  5. Report back to the President and Board of Directors as required.

2) Event Leader

  • Each event shall be co-ordinated by one or more VEMRA members who shall serve as Event Leader
  • The Event Leader can be the Events Co-ordinator or any volunteer member of VEMRA
  • The duties of the Event Leader generally shall include but are not limited to:
  1. Contact the event/site host at the earliest practicable date to reserve the use of the site and any necessary facilities, equipment, and/or services for the date of the event.
  2. Ascertain any conditions of use of the host site.
  3. Regularly advise the Board of Directors on the progress of the co-ordination of the event.
  4. Not less than ten days prior to the event, confirm with the event/site host the use of the site and any necessary facilities, equipment, and/or services.
  5. Immediately notify the Board of Directors of any issues which may produce problems or undesirable situations.

3) Event/ Site Host

  • The Event/Site Host is the presenter of the event and determines the conditions of the use of the site, facilities, equipment, and/or services on the date of the event.
  • Although VEMRA has its own Principles and Membership Policy, it must be remembered that we are guests/volunteers of an event/site and must adhere to the rules and regulations governing the event/site.