The Pattern 1896 Khaki Drill Tunic

The Pattern 1896 Khaki Drill Tunic

The idea for this project came about after seeing Matthew Williamson’s post on Facebook on the Second Boer War Re-enactment page. He took the “Boer War” What Price Glory tunic and reworked it into a proper Pattern 1896 khaki drill tunic.

The What Price Glory tunic is based on the Pattern 1906 khaki drill tunic and needs some alterations to be used for Boer War re-enactments. I figured I could draw upon the talents of my well known tailors (ie, my mom and sister) to duplicate Matthew’s project.

VEMRA 2018 Events

Here is a list of all the events that we have scheduled for this year.  There will be more info for each event in the Events Calendar.  The list will be updated as we have more info...


Bunker Bash - Feb. 24-25 - Fort Rodd Hill

Mother's Day Tea - May 13 - Fort Rodd Hill

Annual Military Encampment - May 18-21 - Fort Rodd Hill

Ft. Macaulay Day / Great War Ceasefire - May 26 - Ft. Macaulay

Road to Victory - June 9-10 - Fort Rodd Hill

Canada Day - July 1 - Fort Rodd Hill

Naval Museum Open House - July 14 - CFB Esquimalt

Air Museum Open House - July 28 - BC Air Museum Sidney

AGRIFAIR - Aug. 3-5 - Abbottsford

Fab Forts - Aug. 18 - Fort Rodd Hill

Battle of Britain - September 15 - BC Air Museum

Lantern Tour - Sept. 22 - Fort Rodd Hill

Victoria Gun Show - Oct. 27-28 - Saanich Fairgrounds

Remembrance Day - Nov. 11 - Fort Rodd Hill

Figgy Dowdy...if you dare

Figgy Dowdy...if you dare


For centuries the plain ships biscuit has been the English sailors staple fare.  Much maligned and the butt of many jokes, it is the Naval version of the Army's "hardtack".  It is made very simply using only flour, water and salt.

With such plain fare, the sailors had to become creative...

Homefront Event

Homefront Event


In previous years, the big June event out at Fort Rodd Hill was a Timeline type event, with several other re-enactment groups participating and many eras represented all the way to medieval and roman.  This year, the theme was set as Women on the Homefront.  As this would be predominantly representing the 1940s, we decided to combine it with our annual D-Day commemoration for a bigger two-day WW2 themed event.