Parent Information Package


  • ...As your son or Daughter has shown interest in VEMRA, the following information will help both you and your child better understand what VEMRA is all about and how we operate.  To be clear, you as the parent or guardian do not have to attend the event as a historical re-enactor, but you must accompany your child depending on what category they may come under.


  • ...It is the express policy of VEMRA that safety shall always be the most important consideration at all events.  Safety shall be the "first Priority" of each member at all times.  The safety and integrity of any living history event depends in large part upon the deportment of the event's participants and their good faith efforts to adhere to all the principals and policies laid down by any particular event and that of the host site.  As VEMRA is not set up to provide direct supervision of younger re-enactors, for safety they must be "accompanied by a parent of guardian" at any event as laid down in the details of this imformation package.


  • ...What is VEMRA?  We are a non-profit volunteer group established for the purpose of promoting awareness and understanding of Canada's military history and that of her Allies for the period of 1775-1960 through the practice of living history.
  • ..."living history" is an activity that incorporates historical tools, weapons, activities and dress into an interactive presentation that seeks to give observers and participants a sense of stepping back in time.  VEMRA is not a battle re-enactment group, though we do tactical demonstrations that involve blank firing weapons.  Our events are usually done in a period encampment or display setting and organized to inform the public of everyday life and so might include demonstrations on drills, weapons, food or uniforms and equipement of any chosen time period.  The importance lies more with presenting the visitor with a sense of a way of life.


  • ...The goal of any living history organization is to present a historically correct persona in everyday life of a certain time period.  So we highly recommend that young up and coming re-enactors start off slow and select a persona that best reflects their age group.  By taking the time to think about and research their persona, they will not only understand the history behind their chosen persona, but also the process of a living history project.
  • ...For VEMRA to best accomodate younger re-enactors, we have broken it down into three categories:
  1. Category A:  9 - 12 years old
  2. Category B:  12 - 16 years old
  3. Category c:  16 - 18 years old

1) Category A:

  • ...Must be accompanied by a parent at all events.  Some possible personas for this age group are: the son or daughter of a serving member, civilian child of a given time period, etc.

2) Category B:

  • ...If your child is presently serving in the Cadet movement or with Scouts/Guides Canada, this will be taken into consideration on an individual basis.  But they must have attended at least five events either in Category A or B or a combination thereof with a parent or guardian.  Some selected personas: Cadet of the chosen time period, Royal Navy midshipman, boy soldier of a unit in Canada or UK, boy sailor, etc.

3)Category C:

  • ...Age 16 is the age that they can be involved in blank firing demonstrations.  They also can take on more traditional military personas within the Armed Forces.  Category C does not require a parent or guardian to accompany them at events, but both parties must have had a briefing from a VEMRA representative prior to the event to insure that all are fully aware and understand VEMRA's principals and membership policy.


  • ...Weapons include both firearms and edged weapons such as bayonets, swords, and knives.  As a military re-enactment group, weapons are part of the everyday life of any event.  But we must abide by the Canadian Firearms laws and that of any given Historical site or institution we are supporting which will always have the final say on what we do in the use of weapons at any given event.
  • Category A : are not allowed firearms of any kind.  But if their persona allows them an edged weapon of some sort, they may carry it , but it must be secured in a scabbard so it cannot be readily taken out.
  • Category B : Are allowed Air Soft firearms and deactivated firearms (but must reflect their personas).  All edged weapons must be secured to the scabbards.
  • Category c : Can carry firearms under supervision and participate in blank firing demonstrations.
  • NOTE : all categories will have to have a training period and safety briefing prior to the OK being given for them to proceed at any event.

VEMRA Membership:

  • ...For liability reasons, any person attending a VEMRA sponsored event must be a VEMRA member in order to be covered by our insurance.  So as a parent or guardian, even though you may not be taking part in the event, you and your child must be members. (Family membership is $30, Individual membership is $20).  This covers insurance, meals, and in some cases a travel allowance.
  • ...As a member, it allows you to stay overnight for weekend events.  If you do not have a period camp, most events have a non-period camp area.
  • ...It is the individual's responsibility to read and fully understand the rules and regulations as laid down in VEMRA's "Principals of Membership Policy"


  • ...One of VEMRA's goals is to "educate" and "commemorate" our Armed Forces and the men and women who served.  There is no better way to learn than to become a part of our organization.  All our members are very well researched and have outstanding personal collections of uniforms and equipment.  they are all very happy to share their knowledge and experience with any newcomers to the hobby of living history.  Do not be afraid to ask questions or just sit back and observe other re-enactors.  VEMRA is a family oriented group, where many of our high school and university aged members started out portraying the son or daughter of a serving member and now portray a Battle of Britain Pilot, Red Cross nurse, or carried on as a civilian on the home front.  In the future, we hope to see you and your son or daughter become part of a very fun and satisfying hobby.