The Victoria-Esquimalt Military Re-enactors Association (VEMRA) is an independent body of living historians/re-enactors who focus primarily on the military and related history of Canada and her allies for the years 1775 - 1960.

We are a very welcoming and family oriented group.  Open to all ages (for younger members and their parents/guardians check out our "Parent Info Package" page), as well as women and civilian impressions.

Our members have a wide variety of interests and specialties and are encouraged to research and pursue their chosen areas of interest.  This has led to a wonderfully diverse assortment of impressions that are constantly being added to and improved.

And while our primary focus is on our mandate (as stated above), we are not restricted to it, so we do, occasionally, range further afield....sometimes as far back as Ancient Rome.

We are most often to be found at Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Sites on southern Vancouver Island, but we do have events in other locations as well, so do check out our events calendar for more information.

A view of the encampment during our annual May event.