Lantern Tour Event

The end of September saw that time of year again when we put on our annual, one night only, fundraiser of amateur dramatics, The Lantern Tour.  This year was especially well attended, with large crowds at every showing and all tickets selling out early.

Unlike last year, this year the weather co-operated with a beautiful sunny, and warm day and a cool, but clear night, a perfect backdrop for eavesdropping on the past.

As per tradition, we all arrived early to set up and rehearse as well as dig into our usual fare of Panago pizza for dinner.

We stood around and chatted for quite a while...

...rehearsed briefly and then it was on with the show...

Trying to remember lines...

The first skit was a bit different than what we have usually done in the past. Instead of being strictly first person, this time the public was a participant.  The setting was a check point that had been set up to escort refugees through a minefield in Germany 1945.


The second skit was set during the Great War in Salonika.  A Canadian Nursing Sister patching up and conversing with two Canadian soldiers and a Serbian ally.


The third skit was once again set in WW2 with a Canadian soldier and his wife exchanging letters home and from the Front.


The final skit was set in Korea 1953.  With the cease fire in effect since July, a CBC reporter is interviewing United Nations Troops at an observation post on the 38th Parallel.


And that was the last major event of the year.  And now begins our annual down time of researching, repairing and acquiring of kit.  Until the spring...


Photos for this event here.