Fab Forts Event

This past weekend we had our most recent event out at Fort Rodd Hill. 

Fab Forts is always a very casual, fun event where anything goes.  Some of us dust off that impression that rarely sees the light of day, others create a whole new one, and most just wear their favorite tried and true.

This year turned out to be a pretty busy day, with Rome being one of the most popular attractions.

Lots of youngsters tried on the gear and contemplated whether or not the life of a legionnaire was for them...


The biggest draw of the day was, of course, the giant water gun fight.  A staple of every Fab Forts event.  And the influence of Rome was clearly felt this year, as one youngster was overheard saying he was a Roman soldier as he pelted others with his watergun. 

VEMRA had only one representative taking part.  But she did us proud.  Even getting the requisite camo face paint beforehand...

The other big excitement of the day was when Parka the Beaver showed up.....and also contemplated the life of a Roman Legionnaire.

Otherwise, we had our usual array of impressions displayed.  From Roman Legionnaire to a French one, Boer War, Soviet and a whole bunch from the 18th century.


Fab Forts also turned out t0 be the last event for one of our members, Kyle McIntosh, who is moving out of province.  It's been a blast having him part of our group.  So we are sad to see him go, but wish him all the best in his future endeavours.


All the photos for this event can be found here.